Thursday, November 12, 2009

Miley cyrus nude pics. Some piczz.

Miley cyrus nude pics. Fresh pics...
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Every teeny boppers stand for you? Ok we all them, and like most of us at some point or another. But the problem is, they are there for one year and then no trace of them in the next year. Does anyone really stand to you? With a standing start, that I have that you think they will make it past the teeny bopper year. For me, the only two The Jonas Brothers, my Oh come on, there is also music that is too catchy, there is something wrong with these guys. Even as a boy I must admit, they are awsome. Miley Cyrus I know is gonna pull the hat to some, but look at her! The photo scandal was harmless and to find someone nude pics? With Billy Ray Cyrus there to whip into shape I dont see them disappear in the foreseeable future.
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